Car Rental with driver (NCC)

 Authorised driver of passenger carrying vehicles (not public transport) No. 1138

Car Rental with driver (NCC)
My car is a new 9 seater Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. I have carefully chosen the vehicle’s accessories and level of comfort,e.g. all seats are equipped with armrests. The interior height of the vehicle allows for easy movement and is designed to carry bikes, skis and sports equipment in general.
My aim is to offer a service to all those who need mobility, ensuring efficiency and safety with a degree of flexibility in order to meet customers' requests.
Transport to and from the airport
Car rental including driver for travelling and touring throughout Italy and Europe for one or more days.
Transport back up for travel, trips, tours, competitions, events, pilgrimages, with sport groups, cultural groups, or groups of friends.
Transport services, mountain and electric bike guide.
Organised trips, making use of my experience and personal ability and / or other qualified personnel for any other sport, tourism or cultural event.
City tours
Musical events
Food and wine events
Contact me
Rates on enquiries. Payments can be made by wire transfer. Please send any requests to I guarantee an answer within 24 hours; alternatively I can be contacted on  +39 3406301313.